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About the Author

Jocelyn Agate lives at high altitude on a mountain road with her family, friends and neighbors, wayward dogs, recusant cats and other reprobates, where she fits in the best. A strong woman who came from rough beginnings and started out learning life lessons the hard way, her advocacy of girls and women who suffer in silence is heartfelt, having been one herself. She is a researcher, intrigued with scripture and human nature, often digging down to the roots, reserved and quiet, but don’t let that fool you, her brain is usually observing. When she’s ready to speak, she speaks boldly and directly, with surprising discernment and insight. As a survivor and overcomer, resilient and persevering, her takeaways on hard things are often laced with honesty, humor and impact. Her friends say that she can be tenacious and feisty. They appreciate her honesty, never having to guess what she really means. They describe her as a woman who loves God, who takes things in stride, is intelligent, creative, artistic, talented, funny, interesting and greatly loved.