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Four Summits to Truce

Four Summits to Truce is a short read about two couples, dedicated friends, who grew up in a very dreadful tree. They blazed some hard trails, trying to get away from that tree. Through change and growth, situations led to a crucial decision to step out of the tornado of chaos and into the world of normal. The tree refuses to let them go. One day, one incident, one choice and suddenly their life is on another course, then another and another. When they felt that they had finally escaped that tree, a decision to go to a church led them to an alien world, another course, where they would be amongst new people they didn’t understand and face more situations that weren’t expected. What happens when two couples step out of the tornado and join the world of normal, then decide to join a church? We explore that here in this short story with truths woven in. Join them on this journey as they evolve and try to assimilate to this alien world. There is a surprising character at the end and some concluding questions for the church.

Quiet Moments at the Boulders

Quiet Moments at the Boulders is a collection of thoughts, reflections, and memories and experiences in short reads. If you’ve ever wondered where the author was coming from when Four Summits to Truce was written, what was behind it, what experiences led to the story, what insights inspired those words, here it is in Quiet Moments at the Boulders, glances and experiences, lessons and expansions, the sad and funny journey that led to a redeemed life. It is a collection of heartfelt thoughts and touching memoirs, lessons of recovery and underserved favor, a life that went from bad to good, reckless to ordinary, chaotic to calm, disruptive to productive, little glances of the moments that led to that. How often do we marvel at the ordinary life which was accomplished by something extraordinary? How often do we marvel at what our life is compared to what it would have been without the miracle of what He did for us? We operate under an incredible and fragile state of grace, we truly do. That’s all there is to it.